Technological Advancements

Technological Advancements in Uniform Industry

As the 21st century is coming up with many advancements, so is the case of uniform production. People are using different methods and techniques that can help them in washing clothes and make them look good as new for a long time. Moreover, there are technological advancements that are taking place to help people as well as the environment because the fashion industry is playing a significant part in polluting the environment. So, here are the top 5 technological advancements that uniform suppliers in Dubai are following or will be following in the future.

Functionality and Sustainability

In the UAE, water is more expensive than soft drinks. Therefore, it is almost difficult to wash any kind of clothes with water or do proper laundry. To overcome this issue, the uniform suppliers in Dubai came up with some kind of interesting solutions. The dry dyeing one! The dry dying technique uses liquid Carbon Dioxide as an alternative to water for uniform washing and this helps in the 99% reduction of water utilization. Moreover, the use of other chemicals is also reduced to 70% to 89% and energy to 50%-65%. The best part of this technique is that anything remaining is again reutilized and recycled.
This complete process helps people in Dubai not only wash their clothes easily but is also a great eco-friendly procedure helping in saving a lot of natural resources.

Fabric Recyclability
The uniform suppliers in Dubai are working on fabric recyclability. Hence, whatever is produced in the form of uniforms or other clothing is not wasted and can be recycled easily in different forms. Different technologies are being used for this purpose where people convert the clothes into yarn and then the thread is again used for manufacturing purposes. This technique helped a lot in maintaining the amount of water used and another thing in this field.
Wrinkle Free Fabric

Cotton is considered one of the materials that are prone to wrinkle and creasing. The structure of chemicals in cotton is made in such a way that it limits the stretchability of the product. Whenever you try to crush it the chemical chain breaks causing the cotton to show you wrinkles on it.
For this purpose scientists along with uniform suppliers are working deeply to sort out this issue and they are reducing the level of chemicals used in cotton. Most countries have banned this entirely but most of them developed other ways like
Formaldehyde-free which consist of citric acid and xylitol. This is one of the new raw materials and the only drawback of this material is that it is extra expensive. As manufacturers are making great moves so time and money are mostly invested in breathability, and other factors related to clothing.

Heat Maintenance Jacket

One of the interesting jackets is developed which is self-sufficient in providing quality heat control according to the body and outside temperature. This jacket also helps in charging the mobile phone wirelessly when kept in the pocket. Moreover, you can wear it in any weather whether it is winter or summer because the AI feature will help you a lot with it.


The uniform suppliers in Dubai use the technique of RFID which helps in the protection of products. This helps in protecting the clothing from stealing and other things. Furthermore, it is heat resistant and waterproof making it easy to wash.


Well, there are many more technologies on which the uniform suppliers in Dubai are working. And maybe we haven’t highlighted many in this article. But these are the big advancements that are taking place and helping the environment to be more human and animal friendly.

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